New Crossover Three Wheeler Project



T-ROVER is high performance three wheel vehicle. It has a1000cc V twin gasoline engine and two hybrid system with electric motors for front wheels. The driver can pull or push the handlebars to steer. It has an extra hidden seat for the passenger and storage with the sliding covers. The user, Brian West, is 27 yrs old Mechanical Engineer. T-Rover is for the people who wants to drive in a city and enjoy the outdoor activities. This project introduces a new aspect of design with style and function for a better life.

This project is to develop the concept of the three wheel performance vehicle. -Senior Transportation class at Pratt Institute

Abstract 3D Sketches 

To get unique ideas for an overall concept


Three Dimensional  form studies were done to get an idea of overall body shape. One was chosen to develop the form with wheels, and applied into the preliminary model.


Drawing Studies 

to get more ideas of detail, exterior design, user's lifestyle and environments.

LIFE SIZE drawing on brown paper

Vehicle dimension, L120" x W60" x H48" 
To get more ideas of detail, exterior design, user's lifestyle and environments.

Wire Study

to evaluate interior spaces and exterior movement.

Kinetic Part Test Model Hidden Passenger Seat & Storage

3D Rendering Model

Model Making

Hand Spray Painting


Abstract Vehicle

DEOS futuristic police vihecle

Crossover Concept

T-Rover high-perform roadster 

Color&Trim GM Spark

Clay Modeling Chevy Camaro 2015


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