Futuristic Police Vehicle 

Abstract vehicle project
Transportation design at Pratt, fall 2009

This Project is to develop a unique idea for a functional moving product. 


The study of three dimensional sketches consists of compositional form, color, and texture. To find interesting gestures and movements, 3 dimensional form studies were conducted. From these 3 dimensional studies, functional ideas were developed from drawing studies and tested with the chipboard detail model. 

Color and patterns were added to accent and emphasize the dynamic movement on its 3 dimensional surface.  Wire and planer studies were done to analyze the proportions of exterior and interior spaces.


DEOS is a futuristic flying police vehicle. 241 inch long 89inch wide, and 95inch high. It is propelled by an air jet engine and guided by a virtual track system.


The multi-directional spotlight connector automatically follows the movements of the operator's helmet.

Consequently, this project shows how visual elements can be transferred into functional parts,   
producing a unique moving product that people need and people demand.

Concept Sketches

Model Making


Abstract Vehicle

DEOS futuristic police vihecle

Crossover Concept

T-Rover high-perform roadster 

Color&Trim GM Spark

Clay Modeling Chevy Camaro 2015


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