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Award-winning Multi-disciplinary Designer



As an Industrial Designer, Q approaches projects using user-centered problem-solving skills that combine creativity and efficiency into innovation. Not only is Q an excellent designer, but also an enthusiastic team player and communicator. He is constantly working with his team to come up with new ideas and projects. Q is passionate about creating new products to further aid in the ever-changing world. Because of his dedication, his projects never go unfinished. Q is eager to see what the future holds and will continue to achieve the best possible products to be released.





Q has been an Industrial Designer for more than 10 years. In that time, he has conducted industrial design projects from conception to manufacturing. Q has fully designed, developed, and led more than 20 products and counting, and they are selling in major retail stores all over the US such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.





Q has experience from his consulting projects in various areas such as brand+graphic design, web design, and interior design. He will be able to put his insights from these professional experiences on the table to develop innovative products.

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2021 red-dot design award

Ultracyclone Vacuum

2013 red-dot design award

Design concept

Cup Sleeve

2015 CES Innovation Award

iOttie One Touch Wireless


U.S. Design Patents

2012 Muggie cup sleeve

US D 670,542


2015 iOttie Tablet Mount

US D 0723042


2014 iOttie Mobile Mount

US D718298 

2014 RapidVOLT car charger


2016 iOttie Bike Mount
US D748087 


2014 One-Touch Wireless


2016 iOttie Vent Mount

US D748615

2019 Lace Lock

US D846,263 S


Richard Pfeiffer

New York

"........... Q is a forward thinker with an excellent sense of design style and cutting-edge ideas. His unique ideas meet industry trends while staying ahead of the curve. He is a designer’s designer and frequently exceeds expectations. His multidisciplinary design talent and passion to bring meaning to consumers' lives are evident in his craftsmanship. His caring nature and respect for his colleagues are unparalleled. He has added great value at both a professional and personal level to our work environment. Q is a true 'A' player whose talent, skills, and drive can help make any company successful."

Jimmy An

New Jersey

Q and I started working together 7 years ago at the design consulting agency, Insync Design. Q is a talented industrial designer who has a passion for solving problems that are UX first while having an aesthetic that makes you love the product. His experience in manufacturing processes, and materials and working in cross-functional teams brings a unique skill set to a team that benefits the process of product development.

Linda Celentano

New York

"As Q's professor, I can say for certain that when my class may have been lost at times, they always looked to Q to see how he was "Getting It". This gave the others the courage to pursue their own ideas. Q's a real leader with talents beyond his years. A gifted man, a real treasure, kind, inquisitive, and simply a pleasure to work with. A classroom full of Qs would be a real high point in my career! ”

Robert Feldgus

New York

”....I have been a designer and art director in New York since 1964 and an instructor at Pratt and SVA since 1967. he always has a wonderful solution to a project, which results not only from his strong, intelligent student, I can honestly say that Q is one of about a dozen of the best student designers I have ever worked with. Not only is he extremely talented and creative but incredibly hardworking and intelligent as well. As a concept, but also from the professional manner in which he takes instruction and/or suggestions.

 He ranks on the same high level of some of the best employee designers I ever worked with.”


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