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Project Started: June. 2016    /   Manufactured: Jan. 2017


The Slim outlet to be added on the wall outlet simply, and upgrades the original wall outlets with USB charging ports in a clean and easy way... Users don't have to worry about replacing the outlet itself is a pain and adding a clunky, thick adapter is ugly. This is the perfect solution!​


The Slim outlet has no prongs on the backside and does not directly plug into the wall outlet. This enables the ultra-low profile design. Slip the Slim outlet on the wall outlets like a mask to leave them looking clean and intact with the world's slimmest USB charging port outlet adapter.​

When any plug or adapter is plugged through the Slim outlet on the wall outlet, the prongs deliver electricity to the USB ports, and users be able to access two extra USB ports keeping the original slimness.


Hold the Slim outlet up against any 2-way outlet and plug one of your AC devices into one of the outlets. This will both (a) hold the Slim outlet in place on the wall and (b) connect its USB ports to the power. If you don't have a device to plug in, just use the included dummy plug as a placeholder until you need the outlet for something else!

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