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iOttie RapidVOLT car charger

Project Started: Oct.2013    /     Manufactured: Sep.2014


The current market in car charger category is already packed and full with other major brands' items, and on the competition at a high level, a lot of companies bring their own design items and share this hot market. Therefore, this new car charger design should be unique and different. 

• Creating a new style of product adding and expanding company product line

• Adding a new item as an Add-on item on sales.


How to get an unique concept?

• Collecting all design concepts through the current market research

• Developing and using the iOttie brand symbol 

How to make it different than others?

• Avoiding similarities


• Adding extra features what others don't have



from Chosen One

• Lightning fast charging for smartphones and tablets


• 5A / 25W dual charging ports (2.5A / 12.5W each port)


• Ambient green LED power indicator


• Universal to fit Tablets & Smartphones


• Does not include USB cable

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