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Noguchi Pizzabox Table

Easy assembly side table. Combining elements from two different products, Noguchi Coffee Table + Pizza box to create a new product. 


A curious combination that blends the sophistication and naturalness of the famous and unique Noguchi table, created in 1944 by Japanese-American designer, Isamu Noguchi, to the classic shape of the packaging for the transport of pizza. A unique piece of design, simple and modern, an acrylic or polypropylene box, which turns into a table, consisting of only four elements that make it easily transportable, collapsible and that can be mounted without the use of additional tools or fixing glue.







Combining Two different concepts 

To create an unique product 





Problem Solving One: 

Move the rear wall on top to the bottom to prevent air vacuum when opening top 



Problem Solving Two: 

Add groove to hold & stay the box on the surface of legs 



Exploded View


Assembly & Use




No Tool Needs 



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