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Combining analog and digital, create a new generation clock


Generation Clock is from the idea of combining two different technologies of traditional clocks, analog and digital. Not like ordinary integrated clocks, it provides equal reading values of analog and digital at the same time. It welcomes both users who is familiar with digital technology and who likes analog tradition.

Integrated functions create a new design


The physical analog parts and the digital virtual system work together not only to show the time but also to delivery information. The LCD screen communicates to users to get all daily informations such as weather, call and etc. It can communicate in many ways - numbers, letters and even icons with a large digital screen, and simply shows time with physical analog hands. It works and can be synced to user's device to control functions. 


Dimension: 132 mm x 180 mm x 13 mm

It is on the process for more development adding smart home technology as a conversant device working with other devices.

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