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Aero-headphoneAero headphone Bluetooth Galaxy-S3-DockSpeaker Dock for Samsung Galaxy S series generation-clockGeneration clock: Both analog and digital generations work on a device in same way Muti-directional-connectorSpot light connector for police vehicle T-Roverfuturistic three wheel roadster Muggie-cup-sleeveMug style disposal cup sleeve made with recycled papers Noguchi-pizzabox-tableCombining two ideas from the original products to make new. PEM-logoBranding sketchesDrawing Samples Automotive clay modeling2013 Camaro clay modeling at CCS. Talented-&-multidiscplinedDesigner Kyu Q Lee
Aero-headphone1 Galaxy-S3-Dock2 generation-clock3 Muti-directional-connector4 T-Rover5 Muggie-cup-sleeve6 Noguchi-pizzabox-table7 PEM-logo8 sketches9 Automotive clay modeling10 Talented-&-multidiscplined11
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